Montessori is, " I can do it all by myself! "

It is patience, independence, and self-discovery.  It is learning to bake bread, write your name, hold a paint brush, and make a best friend. It is believing in your child and being in awe of the amazing things they are capable of.

child reading book

Our Mission

The mission of Montessori in the Pines is to teach essential life skills and support academic learning through hands-on activities.  Just as we nurture and grow the plants in our garden, we nurture our children and watch them blossom into confident and happy little people.  We are dedicated to providing a comfortable, welcoming school with low student to teacher ratios.  We want your child to feel like they are in a warm home, fit for their size, where they can learn and play in our organic garden, cook in our kitchen, and read their first book in our classroom.

preschool arts and crafts
Education is not something which the teacher does, but a natural process which develops spontaneously in each human being.

— Maria Montessori, 1912
child at art easel

Why Montessori?

  • Children are free to make their own choices in activities 
  • Montessori learning materials are beautiful and simple, and engage the child in a meaningful way
  • Children develop a strong sense of pride and high self-esteem by taking on responsibilities in the classroom
  • The classroom is tailored to fit the needs of the child, a true "House for Children"
  • Children make an easy transition from life at home to school life, as our program is designed to be a bridge.
  • The children care for one another, and learn to be mentors themselves
  • We honor the spirit of the child and adjust our curriculum to fit their needs
  • Montessori is not about what to learn, but how to learn, so your child can take the gift of Love for Learning with them forever
sandpaper letters
Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed.
— Maria Montessori